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Watch Spring 2015 Fashion Trends Video

Spring 2015 Fashion Trends

It's almost SPRING! This winter has been long, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. For this episode of the Plato's Closet Style Blog, I am simply taking you through my favorite fashion trends of the season, plus a few beauty favorites to mix things up. What trends are you most excited about this season?!
Watch 1 Look 3 Ways 4 Valentine's Day Video

1 Look 3 Ways 4 Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day! A day of love and romance and chocolate and Netflix :) It's also a day to dress up a little and express your love through your style. Just in time for the special day, I've come up with 3 easy looks to rock in any situation this Valentine's Day!
Watch Celebrity Style Inspiration | Lily Aldridge Video

Celebrity Style Inspiration | Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge has incredible style. She is effortlessly chic, always classy, and provided the best inspiration for my celebrity style episode! I chose this outfit because it is simple, yet eye-catching, and it makes me feel like a supermodel. Aaaand I found almost every single piece of this awesome look at Plato's Closet, woop woop!
Watch Color of the Year | Marsala Video

Color of the Year | Marsala

Pantone has named their color of the year: marsala! The rich red hue is timeless and is probably already a staple in your closet. I love the color and did my very own haul, grabbing 4 key pieces that will add to my fairly neutral wardrobe. Yay! Now it's your turn: show me your looks with the hashtag #ColorOfTheYear and I'll pick my favorite ones to share :)
Watch Get Ready With Me | A Classic, Everyday Look Video

Get Ready With Me | A Classic, Everyday Look

Get ready with me! Follow me as I get ready for the day, starting with my lion's mane of hair, moving on to everyday makeup, and finishing with my head-to-toe look. And make sure to watch until the very end when our Dress Like A Pro winner is announced!! :)
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