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Watch Winter Layers Lookbook Video

Winter Layers Lookbook

Watch 3 Easy Thanksgiving Outfits Video

3 Easy Thanksgiving Outfits

Some people dress up for the holidays, while others like to be cool and casual. Whether you're looking to get fancy or get cozy, Plato's Closet Stylist Kobe has your back with 3 easy Thanksgiving outfits.
Watch Holiday Dresses Lookbook Video

Holiday Dresses Lookbook

It's that time of year! Okay, so it might not yet be the holiday season, but it IS time to think about what you'll wear to holiday parties, dances, and just anything dressy! PC Stylist Aiyana has picked up 4 beautiful dresses and shows them off in her Holiday Dress Lookbook. Check it out!
Watch Fall/Winter Jackets You Can Wear Anywhere Video

Fall/Winter Jackets You Can Wear Anywhere

Plato's Closet Stylist Elena has done it again! In this lookbook inspo video, she shows us 3 fall/winter outfits with 3 different jackets that anyone can wear anywhere. Whatever your style is and wherever you are going, Plato's Closet literally has you covered. Leather Jacket | Great for weekends Oversized | Perfect for school, anytime Blazer | The perfect pick for presentation days or over your Snow Days dress
Watch Happy Halloween! 4 Easy Costumes You Can Pull From Plato's Closet Video

Happy Halloween! 4 Easy Costumes You Can Pull From Plato's Closet

Happy Halloween friends! Kobe has 4 easy and awesome costumes that can be pulled right from your wardrobe or easily found at Plato's Closet. Check out her picks!
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